General Account Settings

The following settings will come in handy when you use your EMW Hosting or Domain Management Account.

Hosting Account

When you sign up for a EMW Australian Web Hosting Account, you will automatically recieve a Welcome email containing details that you will need to access your account. Most importantly will be an account username and password. The following will refer to this combination.

Account cPanel

  • address:
  • username: yourusername
  • password: yourpassword

FTP Details

  • address:
  • username: yourusername
  • password: yourpassword

You can log in by FTP using either the domain name or the IP address.

NOTE: when you log in via FTP, you will initially see the directory called public_html if you enter that directory you will see the files that are accessable via browser.

Perl path

For those who wish to use CGI scripts, the Perl path:

  • /usr/bin/perl


If you need to use sendmail:

  • /usr/sbin/sendmail


Your absolute server path for cgi-bin directory is:

  • /home/ballinag/public_html/cgi-bin

browsable html dir

For the browsable html dir:

  • /home/ballinag/public_html

Be sure to secure your scripts, as any spam sent out using sendmail will result in account deactivation.


Backups are run daily, weekly and monthly. However, we would like to stress to you how important it is for you to keep local backups on your local computer or removable media. Reason being that there are instances where backups will run and replace your backup from the previous day. If you've changed something since then and need that backup, chances are we will not have it. So always keep backups stored locally!


  • address:
  • username: yourusername
  • password: yourpassword


When you initially register your domain you will be asked to create an account. This will give you your username and password, which will be different to your Hosting account username and password.

To log in to you Domain Management Area, use the links at the top of the EMW Domains Page.

NOTE: If you loose your details use the forgot password function to retrieve it.

EMW Nameservers

To point your domain at EMW Hosting add the following nameservers: