Web Starter Package

Starter Package Example Many business owners really don't need complicated, extensive web sites, they just need to secure their own domain name (yourname.com.au), set up an associated e-mail address (you@yourname.com.au) and have some brief information available at their Web address (www.yourname.com.au).

This solution is ideal for those of you who are using a generic e-mail address provided by your Internet service provider (e.g. yourname@bigpond.com). Once you secure your domain and an e-mail running through it you never have to worry about your e-mail address changing again, you simply take it with you no matter who your service provider is. Within a short time of ordering, you will be receiving email through your own domain with a simple web page to show the world you exist.

Package Includes

  • 1 page with your logo/photo
  • Link to your email
  • Initial Domain Name Registration
  • 1 year of Web & Email Hosting

Simple Home Page

Get your simple home page created quickly and easily, with your logo, background colour and text colour chosen to fit your corporate style. Add a short description (150 word maximum) and your contact details so people get a quick idea of what your business is about.

Email Link

Once you own personal email address has been set up, your web page will have a link to your new address. Now that you own your own domain, you can use this address to have business cards printed that never need updating, advertise in the yellow pages, have signs made and more.

Initial Domain Name Registration

Secure the rights to use the available domain name of your choice, and ditch your reliance on your internet service provider for good. Get yourname.com.au for a cost of $66 for two years, free for the first registration period included in the cost of the Starter Package.

First Year of Web Hosting

Get your web page and email accounts hosting on our dedicated server, allowing you to get reliable fast service at a budget price, with the first year cost of $155 included in the price.

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Need Something a little More?


    1 page Header and 3 column layout
    with your logo and photos
    Link to your email
    Unlimited Email Addresses
    Free Domain Name Registration
    Free Hosting for first year

    $495.00 inc GST

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  • the STANDARD

    5 Pages
    Includes Contact Form
    Select Pre Designed site
    Unlimited Email Addresses
    Free Domain Name Registration
    Free Hosting for first year

    $814.50 inc GST

    more info